Loud, Unabashed Rock & Roll.

FMDown is:

Will Wall - Vocals, Guitars
Andrew Liss - Vocals, Keyboards
Greg Kernkamp - Bass, Vocals
Joe Gunderson - Drums

Since 2010, FMDown has been peppering the Midwest with their distinctly unique, yet familiar blend of rock and roll.

2012 saw the release of their debut, "White Noise", which received positive reviews from various online music blogs. The tracks "Polarized" and "All The Things You Wish You Were" remain popular standouts at live outings.

2013 unleashed "Consolation Prize", with a further showcase on the band's dynamics. Songs like "New Years Day" and "Our Favorite Sins" displayed how the band had grown from a songwriting perspective.

In 2017, the band released "Select All Delete", a compilation of songs written over the previous two years, through two different lineup changes, and is their most dynamic recording to date.

2019 led to the band's fourth studio album, Maybe We Could Get Somewhere If We Could Just Be Somewhere Else, in which they provided a very well rounded rock and roll experience ranging from pure adrenaline songs like 'Looker' and 'PTI'  to a laid back Tom  Petty'esque tune like 'Accusations & Evidence' to straight up the gut rock songs like 'Earn Your Stripes' and 'Bad Design.' It's an album any rocker can love.

2020 rang in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with it, the guys took to social media and created a YouTube series called 'Live and Alone.' Following proper protocol and having the practice space in which to pull it off, the boys created a live music experience via the internet, bringing three songs a week to the listener as well as some odd self-made commercials and comedy bits. The material from this video series also led to the band's first live album of the same name, Live and Alone, featuring selections from the series.

In September of 2022, the band released their fifth studio album, Paper Bridges, after a long awaited hiatus due to both the pandemic and medical reasons. The EP is yet another showcase of the band's ability to not lock themselves into any given sound, any given subgenre of rock.

FMDown provides an energetic and distinctive (and usually full-production) original music show that is guaranteed to get people talking.

Courtesy of KRS Productions

Courtesy of KRS Productions

Courtesy of KRS Productions

Courtesy of KRS Productions