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8/16/2022 - New single, 'That'd Be Sad' out digitally today! This is the first single from our upcoming EP, 'Paper Bridges', due out September 6th. Enjoy!

4/5/2022 - If you're reading what's happening on our website, you're a very interesting person. :) We're still at it, hard at work on the next release. Stay tuned!

9/1/2020 - Who looks at band websites anymore? Oh...you do. Thanks! Here's a link to our recently completed web series in its entirety!

FMDown: Live & Alone - The Complete Series


6/8/2020 - Well, the ol' COVID has got us all down. We hope you're healthy and well! In case you haven't heard, we're doing a live series on Facebook Live & YouTube to cure you of your live music withdrawal. Head here to find out more:


1/1/19 - Happy New Year! This year is looking good for your ol' pals in FMDown. On the heels of a brand new record, we're prepping for our Decadent Cabaret performance, gearing up for some summer festivals, and planning the guerrilla shows. 

In the meantime, check out all the NEW ITEMS IN THE STORE! The new record is now available on vinyl, along with some cool FMDown swag. Get it!


11/16/18 - The new record, Maybe We Could Get Somewhere if We Could Just Be Somewhere Else... is now available for streaming! It's available on all major digital platforms. Check it out here (for free!) on Bandcamp

We will be performing the album in its entirety at the Bad Art Music Festival at the Pablo Center in Eau Claire on Black Friday, November 23. At that time, the new record will be released for purchase on VINYL! 


FMDown is a four-piece rock juggernaut hailing from Eau Claire, WI. Started in 2010, we've been assaulting current music trends with a unique, yet familiar blend of Midwestern rock and roll. Feel free to stick around for a while and have a listen to our tunes and check out when we're coming to cure you of your daily woes.

Cheers, and we'll see you soon.

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